James Metsger • Lead Pastor

James talked Melissa into marrying him in 2001. Since then, Caedmon, Noah, and Amelia have rounded out their starting five. James joined the staff team at Christ Point in 2007. He loves preaching the word, walking with and caring for people. If he’s not scratching sermon notes on his dry erase board he’s sipping coffee with a friend asking, “How are you really doing?” When James isn’t at the office he’s at home chasing a soccer ball with his kids or chasing after his wife.

Jodi Richardson • Children’s Ministry Director

Jodi is from Pittsburgh, Pa and moved to the Charlotte area in 2006. She and her husband Wes have three little girls, Anna, Ruthie, and Phoebe-who all make life much more hilarious each day! Jodi has a passion for teaching BIG things to little people in creative and engaging ways. She loves to teach the gospel to kids and to remind them of how much they are loved by Jesus. Jodi also loves teaching art at Hope Academy, having dance parties with her daughters, drinking large quantities of coffee and going on dates with her husband.

Denise Long • Admin Assistant

Denise loves nothing more than crossing items off a good to-do list. Well, she loves Jesus, her husband, two teenagers and trips to Disney more, but you get the point. In 2016, James didn’t have to work too hard in convincing her to bring her gazillion years of professional administrative experience to Christ Point. Instead of supporting lawyers, she now enjoys assisting the leaders of Christ Point to show the love of Jesus and advance His kingdom through the Christ Point family. She looks forward each summer to joining Christ Point’s GO Team on their mission to the Honduras Life Center and can’t wait to experience even more mission trips for the glory of God. Hobbies include planning trips to Walt Disney World, talking about Walt Disney World and actually going to Walt Disney World. Billy (her husband of 20 years), Brosnan (her 18 year old son) and Aeris (her 16 year old daughter) and two dogs make her life better than any theme park and just about as entertaining!


The elders at Christ Point have been entrusted with leading, shepherding, and caring for the people who call Christ Point home. They are men who have been called to protect the word, provide wisdom, and help guide the mission, vision, and values at Christ Point. They function as a team because we’re stronger working together than we are apart.

Billy Gwaltney

Christopher Cote

James Metsger

Phil Roe

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