We exist to point people to Jesus by


the Transforming Power of the
Word of God


Authentic Community


a Culture of Joyful Service


all People

Future CP Home

4301 Ridge Road, Charlotte, NC

1 million people within a 5 mile radius of  proposed property.

63% are not currently part of a church community.


The elders have been praying for a permanent place for Christ Point that allows us to be present in the community for the community. We see this a tool to be used in pointing people to Jesus.


How much will it cost?

$520,000 for land. ($80,000 per acre for 6.5 acres). This is well below the current market for this area. 


We are asking our church family, if God leads, to make a 2 year financial commitment over and above current giving.

How long will it take?

The owner has offered to finance the land for 7 years. However, it is our intent to pay off the land as quickly as the Lord allows. 


Where will we meet?

As of right now, we will continue to meet in the barn. While we don’t have finalized plans for a building, we are currently researching and exploring future options to build. Until we have a building, it is our intent to utilize the land as much as we’re able.



Contact any of the elders via email or phone

How Do We Get Started?

Please partner with us in prayer asking God for wisdom and provision. 

We’re seeking a total of $7500 per month over and above current giving. The elders have committed $2400 per month. $5100 remains.