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Christ Point Events 

Important Dates

June 20 Father’s Day Donuts & Coffee
June 20 Child Dedications
June 23 Men’s Groups | 6am
June 30 Men’s Groups | 6am
July 4 Land Dedication
August 8 Discover Christ Point
August 15 Last Sunday to bring Operation Christmas Child WOW Items

For additional information, please email or check out the Church Center mobile app.


This Sunday // May 2nd

Feeling a little low on gratitude? With all that has changed over the last year it’s easy to focus on what has been lost. I don’t know about you, but sometimes in lamenting all the changes I can lose sight of what God has accomplished for us. This Sunday as we continue to our series in Colossians I want to encourage us to give thanks. We will consider three massive, life-changing works God has already done for us and in us that  will cause gratitude to grow.

“Check Your Gratitude Gauge” (Col 1:12-14)

James will be back this week bringing a message from Colossians.

Food Pantry: What a JOY to deliver food to Mission City Church! Mission City has been faithfully and passionately serving our community throughout the pandemic by handing out food and household items. Christ Point Church family – your generosity makes a real difference! We thank God that you trust Him with your resources to give to others that need support in this season. You make an impact.

Students: Bring your lunch, a friend and shoes to play kickball and/or volleyball after church on Sunday.

The Kid’s Cabin // Starting May 2nd

On May 2, THE KID’S CABIN will open for our babies-preschoolers this Sunday! Here’s what to expect.

Check-In/dismissal: Parents will be able to check their children in at 10:20. Parents for this class will check-in at the Kids Cabin, while elementary kids will follow the same schedule that they have, sitting with parents during worship and dismissing before the message. Parents will remove their child’s shoes and will sign their child in on the sign-up sheet that will be on the table near the entrance in the room. Leaders will give the parents a pick-up tag that they will need to retrieve their child. Please label any diaper bags/items that the parents leave and place them on the large table in the back. Parents will need to have the pick-up tag to pick up their child. No children this age will be dismissed to an older sibling.

Notification in Service: When parents sign their child in, please leave your phone number so that a volunteer can text if you are needed during the service. If a parent does not respond to the text in a reasonable amount of time, a volunteer will come into the main service to find you. Please keep your phones on silent, but close by so that you will be aware of any messages.

Shoes Off Policy: In order to keep the room as clean as possible, we will have a shoes off policy for our leaders and walking kids. There will be black rubber shoe mats at the door near check-in for them to be set on as they check in. Please plan to remove your child’s shoes at check-in.

Mask Wearing: Our leaders will be masked as they are serving our younger kids. We will let parents decide if they would like their children to wear a mask, but we will not require it for this classroom. Based on recommendations for daycares, children under 5 do not need to be masked. If a parent elects to have their child masked, that is great and we will do our best to keep it on the little ones!

Hand washing: As children are dropped off, we will use hand sanitizer on their hands and as needed throughout the service. All volunteers will wash their hands at the beginning of their service time and as needed throughout the service.

Cleaning toys/room: We will clean toys and sweep/mop floors/wipe down surfaces at the end of each Sunday and as needed during the service.

If you have any other questions, please email Jodi at! We are excited to serve these sweet kiddos on Sunday!

Men’s Study on Wednesdays

What are the Good Works God has prepared for us to do? How will we know if we are doing them? In this study we dive into scripture, both the Old and New Testament, to see God’s call for each and every one of us to faithful good works.

Wednesdays at 6am on Zoom


Women’s Study on Wednesdays

What comes to mind when you think of heaven? Clouds? Harps? Angels? Singing? Now, honestly, does that really sound like a great way to spend eternity? The good news is, that is NOT what heaven is like. And when you discover what really awaits you there, it will radically change your view of your future and of heaven. If you’ve secretly thought that heaven sounded kind of boring, well, think again. In this series, you will discover the amazing truth of what awaits you there.

This group will be a collection of women meeting to study what the Bible says about Heaven for 6 weeks. We will watch the videos independently and do our study guide then come together for fellowship and discussion of the material.

There are two times available, Tuesday PM and Wednesday AM. Both are available in person and virtually.

We will use Chip Ingram’s study Guide (The Real Heaven)

Our meeting Schedule

  • session 3- What’s Heaven Like, Pt. 1        5/4 or 5/5
  • session 4- What’s Heaven Like, Pt. 2        5/11 or 5/12
  • session 5- A New Home for the New You, Pt. 1    5/18 or 5/19
  • session 6- A New Home for the New You, Pt. 2     5/25 or 5/26


Ongoing Opportunities


At Christ Point we believe one of the ways we point people to Jesus is by experiencing authentic community. Small groups are one way of experiencing biblical community. We study the Word, pray, and share life together. The Christian life is not a solo sport, so we encourage our people to walk together in groups. 
Christ Point Church currently has small groups for individuals and families, men and women, as well as small groups for middle and high school students.
If you’d like to find out more information about groups, email


Grow The Community

Our community is growing all around us. In order to point more people to Jesus, we need to increase our visibility in our community. There are several super easy ways that you can be part of reaching our neighbors.

1. Leave a Google review
2. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and share videos
3. Share and comment on FaceBook posts
4. Tag us on Instagram or repost to your stories @christpointchurch or @christpointstudents


RightNow Media

Have you checked out Right Now Media yet? It has tons of Bible studies, videos, and shows for the kids! You have access to the whole site as a gift from CP to you.


Join Together in Prayer

As you’re praying for our church and community, would you join together to pray for our ministry partners? We have partnered with YoungLife, Uncharted Ministries, and Children’s Impact Network. Each of these ministries has been greatly impacted by the effects of COVID-19. They are all having to make major adjustments to how they minister to people. Pray that they will continue bringing the hope of Jesus to the people. Pray for their financial support to continue. Pray for God to make a way to reach lost people. Pray for their own walk with God to be strengthened. Pray for health. Pray for hope. You can read about each of these ministries here.



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Join us this Sunday at 10:30am.

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