Meeting Sundays   –   10:30   –   Oehler’s Barn 4503 Ridge Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269   – 704.838.5350

Welcome to Christ Point Kids!

Partnering with parents to point kids to Jesus 

Christ Point Kids

Christ Point Kids exists to partner with families in Pointing Kids to Jesus! On Sunday mornings, we have an awesome team of volunteers who joyfully serve our children. We have classes available for our infants through 5th Grade each week!

Your First Visit

Here’s what to expect when visiting Christ Point for the first time. 

Elementary Kids

Check-In/dismissal: New families can stop at the Welcome Tables at the back of the barn to meet our CP Kids leaders! Our leaders will guide new families through completing a new family connection form and introducing their kids to their leader for that day. Elementary-aged children will sit with their families for worship in the main service and then dismiss after the announcements to their class. Our Children’s ministry gathers in the Chapel located near the pond for their time together. Our leaders walk the students to the Chapel and then walk them back to return to their families at the end of service. 

The Kid’s Cabin // Babies-Preschoolers

Check-In/dismissal: Our infants through Preschool-aged children will check in to the Kids Cabin classroom, which is located next to the main barn. Parents will be able to check their children in at 10:20. Parents will remove their child’s shoes and will sign their child in on the sign-up sheet that will be on the table near the entrance in the room. Leaders will give the parents a pick-up tag that they will need to retrieve their child. Please label any diaper bags/items that the parents leave and place them on the large table in the back. Parents will need to have the pick-up tag to pick up their child. No children this age will be dismissed to an older sibling.

Notification in Service: When parents sign their child in, please leave your phone number so that a volunteer can text if you are needed during the service. If a parent does not respond to the text in a reasonable amount of time, a volunteer will come into the main service to find you. Please keep your phones silent, but close by so that you will be aware of any messages.

Shoes-Off Policy: In order to keep the room as clean as possible, we will have a shoes-off policy for our leaders and walking kids. There will be black rubber shoe mats at the door near check-in for them to be set on as they check-in. Please plan to remove your child’s shoes at check-in.

Mask Wearing:  We will let parents decide if they would like their children to wear a mask, but we will not require it for this classroom. Based on recommendations for daycares, children under 5 do not need to be masked. If a parent elects to have their child masked, that is great and we will do our best to keep it on the little ones!

Hand washing: As children are dropped off, we will use hand sanitizer on their hands and as needed throughout the service. All volunteers will wash their hands at the beginning of their service time and as needed throughout the service.

Cleaning toys/room: We will clean toys and sweep/mop floors/wipe down surfaces at the end of each Sunday and as needed during the service.

Meet our Children’s Ministry Director


Jodi is from Pittsburgh, Pa, and moved to the Charlotte area in 2006. She and her husband Wes have three little girls, Anna, Ruthie, and Phoebe-who all make life much more hilarious each day! Jodi has a passion for teaching BIG things to little people in creative and engaging ways. She loves to teach the gospel to kids and to remind them of how much they are loved by Jesus. Jodi also loves teaching art at Hope Academy, having dance parties with her daughters, drinking large quantities of coffee, and going on dates with her husband.

Have Questions?

If you have further questions concerning our Christ Point Kids experience or visiting Christ Point Kids with children, simply click the button below and get in touch with us!


Have you checked out Right Now Media yet? It has tons of Bible studies, videos, and shows for the kids! You have access to the whole site as a gift from CP to you.



Jill, CP Parent

“I love that Jodi and Wes go above and beyond with the kids. Over this crazy year, they organized goody bags, virtual game nights, and Zoom small groups, always keeping their eye on the goal: to keep kids connected to one another, and to teach and model the love of Jesus.”


Becky, CP Kids Volunteer

“When I think of CP kids I think Flexible, Fun, and Full of Jesus! From day one, felt comfortable…that’s big to me.”


Bryson, CP Kid

“Everyone is friends there. They are easy to talk to. And it feels like family.”


Dylan and Nathan, CP Kids

“We loved the petting zoo and hayrides on Christmas Eve!”

Encouragement for Families




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