Team Leaders

Without our team leaders, we’d be a group with good ideas, but little action. Team leaders have been entrusted with leading key ministries at Christ Point. They faithfully serve, train, develop and equip our people to use their God-given gifts and abilities. We couldn’t do the work of the ministry without them.

Christ Point Kids:
Jodi Richardson

Jodi is from Pittsburgh, Pa and moved to the Charlotte area in 2006. She and her husband Wes have three little girls, Anna, Ruthie, and Phoebe-who all make life much more hilarious each day! Jodi has a passion for teaching BIG things to little people in creative and engaging ways. She loves to teach the gospel to kids and to remind them of how much they are loved by Jesus. Jodi also loves teaching art at Hope Academy, having dance parties with her daughters, drinking large quantities of coffee and going on dates with her husband.

Christ Point Students:
Phil Roe

Phil and his family are so thankful to be a part of Christ Point Church.  Phil and Anne have been married since 1998 and spend their days with their two teenage sons, Henry and Eli.  Phil loves to connect with people and gladly accepts any adventure you throw his way!  His heart is to abide in Jesus and to love and serve people well.

Christ Point Women:
Melissa Metsger

Melissa grew up in Michigan and has lived in Charlotte since 2007. She and James met at Cedarville University in Ohio where they were both pursuing degrees in Bible. They married in 2001 and moved to Dallas before returning back to Michigan and finally landing in Charlotte to begin Christ Point Church. Melissa has a passion for worship, women’s ministry, and for connecting people to one another and the Lord. She and James have three kids, all growing up too fast. She is most at home with her family, watching her kids do what they love, walking with a friend, and going out with James.

Christ Point Men:
Russ LeJune

Russ is originally from Winchester, CT and moved to the Charlotte area in 2010 with his wife Jill.  Russ apparently only has Y chromosomes as they have five boys: Ian, Ryan, Dylan, Nathan and Brendan.  Besides spending time at baseball games, school functions and doing yard work Russ loves being in God’s word, drinking coffee and taking 20 minute naps.  Russ and his wife enjoy catching a good musical at the Belk Theater in uptown Charlotte and going on the long drive to and from Connecticut to visit family.  Russ is grateful to God every day for bringing him and his family to Christ Point and loves serving and worshipping in this church.

Christ Point Groups:
James Metsger

James talked Melissa into marrying him in 2001. Since then, Caedmon, Noah, and Amelia have rounded out their starting five. James joined the staff team at Christ Point in 2007. He loves preaching the word, walking with and caring for people. If he’s not scratching sermon notes on his dry erase board he’s sipping coffee with a friend asking, “How are you really doing?” When James isn’t at the office he’s at home chasing a soccer ball with his kids or chasing after his wife.

Christ Point Missions & Impact:
Billy Gwaltney 

Billy Gwaltney is a rare find ‘round these parts—a native to Charlotte! He’s married to Ann Marie and has two great kids, Gavin and Ava. When he’s not drinking an unsweet tea, Billy is frequently developing leaders at Christ Point and serving on mission trips to the Middle East and Central America.