Meeting Sundays   –   10:30   –   Oehler’s Barn 4503 Ridge Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269   – 704.838.5350


How do I get involved?

It’s simple. We have a three-step process. After experiencing our weekly services, what we call our ‘huddle’, we’d encourage you to come on the “first date” with Christ Point. We hold a Discover Christ Point class about every 6 weeks. You’ll get a chance to meet new people and find out why in the world we started another church in northeast Charlotte.  Secondly, after our Discover Christ Point class, we’ll encourage you to plug into a 242 group.  This is where we grow to be, think, and act like Christ.  Groups are typically regional and there’s probably one in your area.  Thirdly, we’ll encourage you to become a teammate.  Teammates are people who have committed to get in the game and be a part of the work of Christ Point in our community.  We want to see our people released into the community where they can use their gifts to advance the gospel of Christ.

What do I wear?

Honestly, we care more about your heart than your high heels. You’ll find most people are pretty casual so if you wear a suit you’ll look good, but you may stick out. Wear what you feel comfortable in.

What about my kids?

Kids birth-5th grade are invited to come to the Village on Sunday morning! The Village is our children’s ministry at Christ Point where teachers share in God’s story, grow in their relationship with him, and are called to go live out their faith.  While we believe parents are the primary spiritual influences in a child’s life we don’t take our responsibility as a church lightly. Our amazing volunteers plan age-appropriate activities and lessons that emphasize who God is and how his word applies in real-life situations. Rest assured your child will feel safe, experience care, and sense compassion from teachers who love God and believe he truly values children. For more information on the Village contact James at

Do you have a student ministry?

Yes.  Jr and Sr High Renegade meet weekly. We usually meet in homes and fill the students with food, study the Word, and talk about the challenges of life. We call our ministry “Renegade” for a reason–and it’s not because we provide the students with practical ways to torture their parents!  A renegade is someone who rejects conventional behavior.  In a world where it’s easy for students to be swept away with the tide, we’re calling our students to reject conventional wisdom and swim upstream. If you’d like to find out more information contact James at (6th-8th grade) or Dustin at (9th-12th grade)

Why the name Christ Point?

A Regional Reason: Our target is the greater NE Charlotte area, right on the Cabarrus and Mecklenburg County line. The Christ Point Festival rolls into town once a year right near where we plan to grow.

A Symbolic Reason: The Dark Ages describes a time when the Western world slumbered in a cultural coma. Light shattered the darkness during the Christ Point. Works by Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Raphael stirred souls. At the same time, Reformers like Luther, Calvin, and Zwingli revitalized a culture slumbering in spiritual lethargy. Their clarion call to sola fide, sola scriptura, and sola graci (by faith alone, by His word alone, and by grace) alone woke up a sleeping church.

A Scriptural Reason: The notation shows up everywhere: billboards, bumpers, WWF matches, and in every endzone of every touchdown. The well-marketed notation is John 3:16, where Jesus said to one of the religious elites of his day: To really experience God, you must be born again. A relationship with God doesn’t start with religion, or even a church, it starts with being “re-born.” Christ Point means rebirth.

Are you affiliated with any denomination?

We call ourselves, “non-denominational.” It’s a big word that just means we are not linked with a mainline group like the Baptists, Methodists, or Presbyterians. We are a local elder run church (see Titus 1:5) who has been influenced greatly by the Fellowship Bible Church movement (links to Two of our pastors attended Dallas Theological Seminary ( Feel free to see our Belief Statement to understand what doctrines we affirm and advance.