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Membership Process

Christ Point: Membership Process

Discover Christ Point

If you’re new to the Charlotte area or even just to our church you might be asking: Why another church in Charlotte? What is Christ Point all about? What do you expect from someone who calls Christ Point home?  If you want the answer to these questions and more, plan on attending the next Discover Christ Point where we will share our story.  This is an opportunity for questions to be asked, the pastor to share, and to see if Christ Point could be a place you call home.

To find out when the next class is offered, email today.

Christ Point: Membership Class


What does it mean to become a member at Christ Point Church?

There comes a point in every relationship when you define the relationship.  For our members it’s a time to lock arms with Christ Point and say, “I’m committed to this work in this community.”  Membership isn’t about being on the inside or part of an exclusive club.  It’s about committing yourself to kingdom work in the local church–a growing and thriving body that God has created to accomplish his plan and purposes.

There are four opportunities each year to take the class.  If you have been with Christ Point a while and your ready to commit then sign up for the next class!

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