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We Won!

By James Metsger 

 I am writing to you, young men, because you have overcome the evil one. (1 John 2:13)

We won! That’s right, “We.” I didn’t play in the game. Technically (if you want to be technical), I wasn’t on the team. But since my team won, we won. 

The other year my favorite college team was in the NCAA tournament. They had a late game. Late for me is basically anything after 9 PM. Okay, 8. 

I couldn’t stay up, so I recorded the game. I woke up early on Sunday morning to watch the replay and found my oldest son watching downstairs, so I decided to join him.

As I watched the game unfold, it became obvious we were going to lose. I’ll admit, I always feel this way unless it’s mathematically impossible for the opposing team to win. But in this case, they really were going to lose

As precious seconds ticked away, my frustration and disappointment grew. With seconds left on the clock and the opposing team shooting free throws to ice the game, I stalked out of the room My team was going to lose. I was kicking myself for watching the game before I had to preach. Nobody likes an angry preacher! 

As I walked out the door, my son said, “Dad, you might want to watch the end.” It took all of .03 seconds for me to pivot and walk back in the room. 

My son had already seen the score. He knew something that I didn’t. 

I can’t tell you how quickly my mood changed when I saw the final score My team had won. We were victorious—and it changed everything. 

If you’re thinking about turning the channel on life, leaving the room, or grumbling in defeat– you might want to watch to the end. We win.

I am writing to you . . . because you have overcome the evil one.

Reflect: What does it mean to be victorious? How does it change the way you live your life?