Meeting Sundays   –   10:30   –   Oehler’s Barn 4503 Ridge Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269   – 704.838.5350

Celebration at the Speedway: Come celebrate what God has done at Christ Point this past year.  We’re planning on partying from 7:30-9:30pm.  Dessert will be provided.  We debated putting all the children in Brian’s office but decided it would be better for parents to find babysitters.  If you can make it but haven’t registered please contact Brian at:

Vision Sunday: Don’t worry, the service on Sunday won’t be as intense as the eye test you took in 3rd grade that resulted in those terrible square-frame glasses.  Brian is going to open the hood of the car and show us the power source that will propel us in our vision this next year.

Women of Christ Point: The women’s retreat, Woman, Get Real! is planned for Friday and Saturday, September 24th & 25th at High Pastures in Burnsville, NC. A table will be set-up before and after the service with more information and sign-up sheets. The cost is $60 and there is a limited number of spaces! You can also register on-line at

Return of the Prodigal Son.  Men, this Sunday night we’re off to an early start (6pm) to grab some grub as we prepare for the lost son to come home.  We’ll hang at Frank Pounds place. Don’t know where to find it?  You can either find satellite images or mapquest the address: 708 Isle of Pines Rd. Mooresville, NC

Need a 242 home? Contact James at to sign up for a group meeting in your neighborhood.

Save the date! The next teammate class is scheduled for September 12th and will be from 3:45-6:00pm.   If you’ve attended Discover Christ Point then this is your next step.  It’s a chance for you to commit to Christ Point and be a part of waking the soul of suburbia with the gospel of Christ.  Please contact Dustin at if you can make it.