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Small Groups

 Share, Grow, Go

We live in a transient and mobile culture where people are hungry for connection but rarely invest in community. Take a step in the right direction by joining a small group. You’ll laugh, cry, eat, pray, and eat. Your life will be different and your world will be changed…and you’ll do it together.

Small groups is the way that Christ Point Bible Church can pursue authentic, biblical community. Our desire is to be a people who consistently Share the Gospel, who Grow to think, be, and love like Jesus, and Go where Jesus sends.  We have have different ways to pursue life together.



Where should I plug in?

If you’re new to Christ Point plug into a group in your area. Email to find a group close to you.

Every group is sharing their rescue stories together. They are growing together through prayer and study. They are seeking to go into our community and world with the good news of the gospel.


Groups include:

Women of Christ Point Studies

The womenʼs Bible studies provide an opportunity for women to connect with other ladies with the purpose of growing in Christ likeness. Currently there is a Wednesday night study and a Thursday morning study. Email for more information.

Menʼs Prayer

On Wednesday morning the men at Christ Point will continue to offer an opportunity for men to spend an hour in prayer. This has been a significant growth opportunity for a group of men at Christ Point. Typically this group will share a brief devotional and spend time practicing the spiritual discipline of prayer. We meet from 6:30am-7:30am at the Y.

Small Groups

Small groups meet at various times during the week. Small groups are usually made up of individuals and families who live close to one another. To find a group in your area email These groups will eat together, pray together, study together, and serve together.