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My oldest son is a high school freshman. That means every decision matters. Because he is so very close to graduating, choosing a college, getting married, starting his own family, investing in a 401K, and thinking about retirement.

Right now what matters are his grades. Just the other day, he texted me his grades for the semester. “Dad, I think I’ll have a 3.98.”

I replied, “You’re grounded.” He knew I was joking. I think.

Recently, my wife and I talked to our son about getting involved in some extracurricular activities at school. Currently, he attends classes. That’s all.

Don’t get me wrong. That’s not all he does. He has won several trophies. It’s just that they’ve all been in Clash of Clans—a make-believe world where he fights battles on his iPhone.

He reminded us his grades were good. I reminded him there are hundreds of thousands of students in the country with good grades, and he should consider what is going to separate him from them when it comes time to apply for college.

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