Meeting Sundays   –   10:30   –   Oehler’s Barn 4503 Ridge Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269   – 704.838.5350

Many of you have asked, “Do you guys have church membership?” Those who helped plant the church signed a covenant (an agreement) to partner with Christ Point to help advance God’s kingdom in our community. I’m not a big fan of the word “membership” because it connotes privilege and benefits. However in our consumer Christian culture where congregants serially “date” churches, we think it’s biblically crucial for every believer to partner with God in the context of a local church. You need to know the theological foundations for our church, the leadership structure, the expectations we have for you, and how you play a part in God’s story. If you have attended Discover Christ Point, this is the next step. Our pioneers will be graciously providing childcare for those two weeks. It will be from 4:00-5:30 on two back to back Sundays, Oct 25th and Nov. 1st. We need you to come to both. Please let us know as soon as possible that you are planning on attending. Email Michael Westfall at