Meeting Sundays   –   10:30   –   Oehler’s Barn 4503 Ridge Rd, Charlotte, NC 28269   – 704.838.5350

What to Expect

What parents can expect:

Safety. Care. Compassion.


Christ Point is about being a family for those without a family. In the Village our teachers treat the kids as their own. Rest assured your child will feel safe, experience care, and sense compassion from teachers who love God and believe children are valued by Him.


When you come to the Village youʼll be greeted at our Welcome Table by an energetic volunteer who wants to make sure your son or daughterʼs first experience in the Village is a memorable one. After filling our a visitor card youʼll be accompanied to a class room where your child will receive a name tag and a warm greeting from their teacher.


Youʼll receive a similar tag with your childʼs name to return when you pick your child up at the end of the service. Enjoy the service, your child is in the best hands. Just donʼt be surprised if on the way out you hear, “Mom, can we come back next week!”


What kids will experience:


On Sunday kids will connect with their peers, their teacher, and with God. But the Village isn’t just about a lesson on Sunday. We’re calling kids to actually live out their faith. For instance, in 2010 we’re focusing on giving hope to Orphans. We’re partnering with Hope for Orphans by giving kids practical ways to help the over 140 million orphans worldwide. You’d be surprised by what can happen when kids live out their faith!


The Bible isn’t boring. Ministry to kids shouldn’t be boring either. Our aim on Sunday morning is to teach kids about who God is in a way that utilizes the tools God’s given to us. Our primary goal isn’t to be entertaining, but to make a big deal about God.  However, if we can use methods that resonate with kids in a way where God is made much of than we will unapologetically use them. More than anything parents can expect that each week you’ll find volunteers that love your kids and want to see them transformed by the gospel that gives life to both young and old.